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As the premier CBD store in Arizona, The Hemp & CBD Co. provides safe and reliable hemp and CBD products to individuals in search of high-quality cannabis extracts. The store stocks a diverse selection of both full and broad spectrum products including cosmetics, CBD tinctures and topicals. 

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Locally manufactured and industrially produced hemp based products for improved health and wellness.
All of the products available at the store are made using hemp extracted CBD. This makes them safe for consumption, as it doesn’t contain the psychoactive elements that cause one to experience the sensation of being “high.” 

Instead, the CBD components react naturally with the body’s cannabinoid receptors and have a number of health benefits. Cannabidiol—or CBD, as it is more widely known—has long been regarded as conducive to health in the wellness community. 

When extracted from a hemp plant, patients can benefit from all the miraculous benefits of the hemp plant without getting high.

Americas Hemp CBD caters to all in need of such premium CBD products. As a leading Hemp CBD company, we can provide top-quality products to all from Phoenix to Tucson, AZ.

We have designed our products keeping user preferences in mind. Those who prefer to not inhale or ingest CBD can purchase lotions, creams, and tinctures containing high-quality hemp oil for direct skin application. 

Hemp Lip Balm
Hemp lip balm uses hemp seed oil and all its miraculous healing benefits which helps soothe and moisturize the lips through the dry season and beyond. More beneficial than a regular lip balm due to its nutrient rich nature, the hemp seed oil within helps keep the lips hydrated and protected against all harmful environmental elements. Our lip balm is rich in CBD, with 25 mg of hemp extract present within.

Hemp Lotion
Hemp lotion is an natural hemp based skincare product that helps the skin through its many essential fatty acids. It helps maintain collagen fiber in the skin, helping fight the effects of ageing, and also helps maintain the elasticity of the skin to serve the same purpose. It also allows your skin to stay hydrated for a long time.


Liquid and packed with all the supplementary nutrients you could require in a diet, these powerful and potent hemp tinctures contain a strong CBD content. Our tinctures are created with the help of potent hemp flowers and through a solvent-free process, using low temperature and pressure to produce the potent product that we then put on sale.


Hemp is one of the few things in the world with the same genetic makeup as human DNA, furnished with the same profiles in terms of amino acids and fatty acids, thus working as a great source of nutrients, protein, and an aide to overall health and wellness. It is also this profile that makes hemp such a great skincare companion.

Far from being a monolith, hemp comes in different strains, all of which produce different effects. Find out more about them before deciding which one would suit you best.

Full Spectrum Hemp & CBD Products in Tucson and Chandler Arizona.

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