About Us

The Hemp & CBD Co is a leading CBD store that provides a range of products including tinctures, flowers, and a variety of CBD based skincare products. Our promise is to provide our customers with safe, trustworthy CBD products that are conducive to good health and skin. We take special pride in the fact that our hemp extract based products are all locally licensed from leading industrial hemp farmers. In fact it is not just the products but also the flowers and seeds which are all-American and all-natural. We ensure a range of products that are federally legal, <0.3% delta-9 THC.

Our hemp flowers can be used for vaping, smoking, or in edibles for oral consumption. Rest assured that our flowers are pesticide-free. Our Hemp extracted CBD oils and topicals are manufactured in GMP facilities, meeting the highest standards of quality.

Additionally, we also provide a range of skincare products which contain high CBD content and extracts. From lip balms to lotions, these skincare products are prepared in-house through a rigorous process and are engineered for wellness purposes. Since the hemp plant is itself rich in nutrient and a great source of proteins and vitamins, it is naturally a great resource in skincare products. The extraction process is completely free from alcohol by virtue of being solvent-free.

Our range of full-spectrum products are all tested and verified in laboratories by experts. Our quality assurance team ensures that the federal requirement of <0.3% Delta-9 THC is being followed.