We sell the cherry wine hybrid strain in our Hemp CBD seed collection.

Popular with hemp farmers, the cherry wine strain leads to better produce, with great leaves and large buds. Its rich terpene profile is unique, with flavors similar to the Myrcene Cherry.

We cater to small-scale as well as large scale farmers. Our experts employ analytics, research, and careful consideration of genetics so as to produce a strain of high quality hemp CBD seeds and flowers.


Our hemp flowers are produced by licensed industrial hemp farmers. They come packed with nutrients such as vitamins, terpenes, fatty acids, minerals, aromatic molecules, and of course, CBD. Ready for use in cooking and otherwise, the flowers contain the industrial standard of under 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Our flowers, like our hemp seeds, come packed with medicinal and nutritional benefits. We look for premium CBD and terpene content in the flowers that we choose, facilitating clients in cutting down the acquisition costs of hemp based products.

Hemp CBD Flower
oz Price
1/8 $22.49
¼ $39.99
Hemp Seeds: Strain Cherry Wine/Non Feminized
Quantity Price
1-25 $5 each
26-99 $4 each
100-999 $3 each
1000+ $2 each