How is CBD different from marijuana?
The plant marijuana cannabis contains 113 cannabinoids, one of which is the THC—Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinoid—which is the psychoactive part of the plant. This is the part of marijuana that causes the “high” people feel when the smoke marijuana. It is, however, missing in hemp, which contains CBD—the parts that possess all those healing benefits you’ve probably heard about. Hemp saves you from the highs whereas enabling you to benefit from its advantageous effects at the same time.

How do CBD products work?
Cannabinoid receptors naturally present in mammals, which readily receive CBD and a reaction takes place whenever any CBD-based product is consumed. The contact could be via oral ingestion, physical application, or through inhalation. Regardless of the way in which you consume CBD, you are liable to benefit from it.

Are CBD Products legal?

Since CBD products have a very low concentration of THC (0.3% or less), they are liable to be sold, bought, and consumed legally. This is true for all 50 U.S. states.

Do hemp seeds come from the marijuana plant?

They do not. You can grow hemp plants with our hemp seeds and supervise a sustainable and low-maintenance crop. This plant doesn’t require a lot of water, and can be grown almost anywhere. We would suggest using soil that has been drained and that contains good quantities of organic matter. You can use hemp in edibles since it is considered a super food and is a rich source of nutrients.

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